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Organisational Framework

The organisational framework within the BRT provisions for a governance structure that ensures our systems and processes drive our direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability.  The BRT is privately limited by guarantee without share capital and the company number is 09040164.

Our governance structure has been refined for the period 2016-2010 and is comprised of three tiers:

The BRT Executive

  • Four people max (all board members)
  • At least three will be available to meet at any one time
  • Set the strategy, agree and review the medium and long-term objectives; and ensure we are on path to achieve our Vision

 The BRT Board

  • Representation from Education (inc. HE)/Business/Community/Elected Members/Church
  • Limited to 12 people and elected, each year, at the AGM
  • They will suggest ideas for initiatives; help to set up project groups; promote the Trust; help to grow the Membership; act upon reports from Project Groups, etc.
  • Project leads and other appropriate people will be invited to attend as/when appropriate
  • There will also be a number of (appropriate) Critical Friends who will be invited to attend (e.g. from SOTCC; Police; MP; Chamber; PRT: Round Table etc.).  

 BRT Project Groups

  • Including finance; governance; comms; marketing; and membership
  • Each one to be led by (or at least run with the involvement of) a linked Member of the Board.
  • Membership of these Project Groups will be comprised of Directors, Members and other interested parties
  • The lead for each will report back to the BRT Board as/when appropriate.