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The town of Burslem, ‘mother town’ of the Potteries and one of the 6 towns of the city of Stoke-on-Trent has the motto ‘Ready’ engrained on its coat of arms.

Burslem’s fortunes over recent centuries exemplifies the strengths and challenges of manufacturing areas across the UK. Having driven the industrial revolution and benefited from the prosperity and local pride and municipal investment that resulted, Burslem was not prepared for the aftermath of globalisation from the 1980s onwards and the rising unemployment, degradation and abandonment that resulted.

Despite this, however, fierce local pride has ensured that a number of committed individuals, groups, businesses and elected representatives have kept their faith in their determination that Burslem would reinvent itself for the future as a place of quality for people to live , work and visit.

The role of the Burslem Regeneration Trust, with a strap line of ‘Transforming Burslem’, is to bring together each and every interest group in Burslem to create a shared vision and to facilitate the delivery of a long term strategy.


Working, supporting and collaborating with partner organisations within Burslem is at the core of how we work.   Moving forward together yields the most benefit for Burslem.


Joan Walley, Chair of the BRT




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