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News blog 2022

01/04/2022 - Neighbourhood plan - Draft update

The Burslem Neighbourhood Plan now includes updates from the Burslem Connects and Burslem Port consultation

  • This latest draft of the Neighbourhood plan can be found here.

01/01/2022 - Neighbourhood plan - Preparation for consultation.

The Burslem Neighbourhood Forum is creating a Neighbourhood Plan which is all about the Burslem we want to see.

The plan’s intention is to ensure that the population of Burslem has the opportunity to contribute to creating a sustainable, resilient community, with a strong identification with the historical and cultural aspects of the town’s history. The plan will confirm Burslem as a town that residents see as theirs and as the “Mother Town” within the city.

The draft Plan (Burslem NP draft Dec2021) shown on this website is an update which shows the progress made developing ideas from local people. These ideas must fit into planning regulations.

The next steps are to update policies and prepare for Regulation 14 Consultation and submission to the City Council.

  • If you would like to help secure a Neighbourhood plan for Burslem please contact us here.
  • The December 2021 draft of the Neighbourhood plan can be found here.
  • More info on Neighbourhood planning can be found here.




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