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Neighbourhood Forum Meeting Minutes 1902019

Burslem Neighbourhood Forum

19th February 2019 5.15pm Chair Richard Wood

In Attendance

11 Attendees: Members present thanked RW and Synectics for the venue use and cakes, again.

Approval of Minutes

The previous meeting minutes had been circulated, agreed and put on the web site.

Issues from the minutes

Boundaries and Constitution

  1. RW had researched other project plans and now had a better understanding of the expectations. Noted that we would need a designated Forum (min 21 members)
  2. The constitution and the area boundaries discussed at the previous meeting were confirmed and agreed. RW to forward details to the City Council. The relevant area City Cllrs had been informed.
  3. Joanne and Sandra (SOT City Council) had provided a map showing the new boundary.

Neighbourhood Plan

The content and structure of the plan: -

  1. Vision and Aims. Wording to be agreed around social, economic and environmental needs
  2. Evidence. Summary needed around Local Planning policy, key sites, local green spaces, public spaces, Infra structure and pedestrian links. Noted that would need to consider excluding some issues.
  3. Community Engagement. We need to ensure quality information is recorded on the web page and we work closely with and involve community groups such as “Our Burslem”.
  4. Discussion on one aspect – Housing – DS outlined his concerns regarding recent and present developments and the importance of fresh thinking. Noted that we needed to recognise planning guidance but should seek the best standards available and research good practice from elsewhere. The importance of mixed use was thought important and we needed to ensure that a beneficial balance was achieved. Initial thoughts on a balanced approach were People/Business/Eco/Education/Recreation/Night time economy/Heritage/Port Vale/Accessibility.
  5. Agreed a draft would be produced with appropriate headings for further consideration.


Minor Initial funding had been utilised further funding approaches to be made after agreeing designations.


  1. Government High Street Funding support Bid. Agreed to support a BRT bid.
  2. St Modwen Housing Development Nile Street. Agreed to support a letter composed by JW on environmental concerns and potential improvements which would go to the City Council and recorded on the BRT web page.
  3. Public Transport View from NS Pensioners Convention. GH outlined a produced paper recognizing the importance of public transport and possible improvements in SOT. Agreed that we need to ensure that the best standards in air quality should be met.


Next Meeting. To be arranged.