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Neighbourhood Forum Meeting Minutes 14_11_2018


Burslem Neighbourhood Forums

14th November 2018 5.15pm  | Chair Richard Wood

In Attendance

11 Attendees: Members present thanked RW and Synectics for the venue use and the cakes.

Approval of Minutes

The previous meeting minutes had been circulated and agreed

Further consideration of boundaries

RW had contacted the City Council for their views on the boundaries. Their response was that it was sensible and constructive to combine the two areas. The two representatives from Planning Department at the meeting confirmed this view.

Considerable debate occurred on the position of the final boundaries. The debate principle was “what do we want to achieve”.

RW identified the proposed new boundary on a screen.

The meeting voted and unanimously agreed the new boundary

Joanne and Melanie would provide a map showing the new boundary.

Further Consideration of the Constitution

The previously accepted constitution with the new collective heading Burslem Neighbourhood Forum and the respective Burslem wording within was accepted by the meeting.


RW had implemented GDPR issues onto the BRT website including the minutes.


No items


Red Line Routes: JW explained the BRT position on the red street lines and that a letter had been sent to the Council requesting Transport Policies. AD added information on Market Square not having the lines.

RW to organize the next meeting date and venue.