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Governance Principles

BRT governance is based on the principles outlined in the code for the voluntary and community sector by the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations.  This code sets our 6 principles that underpin sound governance within our organisation, and which are tailored to the specific structure and way in which we operate.

The 6 principles are:

Principle 1: Understanding the role of the BRT executive, Board and Project Groups

Governance is the responsibility of the executive panel.  All members of the executive panel understand their role to set and safeguard the BRT’s purpose, vision, values and objectives.  The panel collectively oversees the work of the organisation, supporting all project groups, volunteers, partners and people engaged with our activities. 

The executive panel will be maintained at a level of 4, including the Chair.  The panel will include the Secretary and Treasurer.


Principle 2: Doing what the BRT was set up to do

The executive panel will make sure that the organisation’s purpose remains relevant, agree broad strategies that connect our vision and objectives, monitor progress towards these objectives and evaluate the results we achieve.


Principle 3: The BRT working effectively

The executive panel, board and delegated project groups will work together to ensure that the BRT has all the relevant skills, experience and diversity to work effectively towards the organisation’s vision and objectives.  This includes maintaining effective relationships, holding regular meetings and assessing our performance.

In addition, composition of the panel and associated working groups will reflect the breadth of the businesses, organisations and resident communities it serves.


Principle 4: Control

The BRT executive panel, board and project groups will comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring financial controls are effective, major risks are managed and appropriate delegation and supervising is established where necessary.


Principle 5: Behaving with Integrity

The executive panel, board and project groups will protect and promote the organisation’s integrity, making decisions based on our core values


Principle 6: Openness and accountability

The executive panel, board and project groups will communicate openly about the work of the BRT, listening and responding to the views of partners, supporters, stakeholders and the wider Burslem community.  Additionally, they will ensure a culture of accountability permeates BRT for those with an interest or stake in the trust