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Burslem Neighbourhood Forum - Project Plan

Getting Started (Complete)

    1. Initial Discussions and starting the process
      • Liaising with surrounding wards and discussing whether to share information or do a joint plan.
      • Form steering group
      • Agree roles (chair, project manager, secretary etc) 
      • Consider skills/experience/interests of steering Group
      • Confirm minimum of 21 members
      • Draft project plan
      • Advertise on community websites/Facebook the intention to produce a NP and recruit members from the community alongside councillors
    2. Apply for funding
    3. Produce a constitution

Initial Consultation (Complete)

    1. Neighbourhood forum drop-in events held at Burslem School of Art.  Supported by Urban Vision. OCTOBER 2017
    2. Engagement with local groups and community to build forum, draft plan area and document constitution. OCTOBER 2017 - November 2018
    3. First draft of constitution MARCH 2018
    4. First draft of plan area. NOVEMBER 2018

Getting Designated (Complete)

    1. Submit neighbourhood area to planning authority for designation. 22/02/2019
    2. Submission of plan area and constitution to SoT CC for approval 22/02/2019: 
    3. Publication of plan area and constitution by SoT CC 04/09/2019:
    4. Closing of consultation period by SoT CC 16/10/2019:
    5. Final designation expected as per 13 week period required, where all representations will be considered by the council and a final decision is expected 04/12/2019
    6. Forum designated by SoT CC 20/12/2019

Gathering evidence and engaging the community (Ongoing)

A robust plan of community engagement, supported by a proportionate evidence base, will help to ensure that our Neighbourhood Plan is based on a proper understanding of the area and all of the views, aspirations, wants and needs of the Burslem community.

    1. Draft Themes
      • Identifying draft themes. 20/12/2019
      • Assigning leads and working groups to each theme. OUTSTANDING
    2. Building an evidence base
      • 'Gather reference information from other Neighbourhood plans - seeking best practice guidance and documentation on similar themes.
      • Gather existing information e.g. demographic and socio-economic information, designated/protected sites, views from any previous surveys, other relevant plan evidence
      • Assess evidence gathered to identify gaps
      • Source or produce additional evidence if required
      • Map all of the features and designations in your area - e.g. infrastructure, trees and environmental elements, leisure/recreation facilities, shops, historical assets etc
    3. Consult with Burslem Community
      • Summarise the existing evidence base and produce a questionnaire based on the themes
      • Analyse questionnaire responses and gauge support and understanding of neighbourhood planning, broadly define key issues and priorities from responses
      • Identify and engage with key consultees and stakeholders including potential developers and landowners

Drafting the Plan 

    1. Drafting the Plan
    2. Meeting the basic conditions
    3. Pre-submission consultation
    4. Funding for professional services to aid with the drafting

Bringing the plan into force

    1. Submission
    2. Publicity
    3. Independent examination
    4. Referendum