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Neighbourhood Forum Meeting Minutes - 27/03/2018


Neighbourhood Forum – Combined Burslem Park and Burslem Town forum meeting


5pm – 7.30pm

Synectics Solutions offices on Hamil Road


  • Joan Walley
  • Julian Read
  • Annette Cartlidge
  • Alan Christian
  • Councillor Alan Dutton
  • Bob Crumpton
  • Leanne West
  • Emma Williams
  • Neil Dawson
  • R Flint
  • David Williams
  • Daniel Shaw
  • Jason Hill
  • Amanda Bromley
  • Richard Wood
  • Hannah Barter

Introduction and welcome by Richard Wood


Neighbourhood plan overview provided by Hannah Barter, including:

Our progress to date

Draft project plan

21 members have been signed-up for each of the plan areas (some members signing up to both)


Draft boundaries for Burslem Park and Burslem Town areas – Rich/David/Hannah

Discussed consultation exercise, including meeting held at the School of Art

Agreed principle of two plan areas, linking up to the Middleport Neighbourhood plan.  This included discussing the pros and cons of 1 plan area, with a general consensus that multiple areas with separate grant funding for each would be more beneficial – with the caveat that each forum worked as one for the benefit of the whole of Burslem, irrespective of artificial boundaries.

Discussed changes to boundary areas, and logic for extension to areas where appropriate.

Agreed to sign-off plan areas at next meeting.  RW to liaise with Julian re drawing up the maps in collaboration with the council.

RW agreed to consult with Middleport to ensure their plan areas was available via this website and to confirm that the area boundaries were aligned


Our Constitution – Rich / David / Hannah

Hannah ran through draft constitution.  Suggestions included:

Adding Health and Cultural Heritage to the Objects section

To document an annual review for the constitution

Neil Dawson to reference other constitutions from his own experience and make suggestions for improvement, with particular reference to the ‘powers’ section.

2nd page has some duplicate text so needs checking

Discussed membership at length, to ensure it was representative of the community and include the right balance of male/female, ethnic minorities.  Census data may help here. Jason agreed to provide some wording for Neil to check.

Neil also agreed to check the ‘working arrangements’ section in view of his existing experience.  RW would tie this in with the governance framework we utilise for the BRT.

Including defining and allocating roles such as forum chair (proposed 3 month trail)

RW agreed to take role as Chair for next meeting



Additional discussion held re benefits of Neighbourhood plans and impact on planning policy

Included development of sites such as the market, and referrals from the council where requested by the forum.


Next Steps

Complete actions detailed above

RW to arrange next meeting in 3rd week of April.  Probably on Tuesday, although will seek feedback for preferred days.

Next meeting – Sign-off constitution and plan areas

Provisional agenda items for future meetings

S106 revenue maintained for Burslem (from Annette)