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Neighbourhood Forum Meeting minutes 23rd Oct 2019


Burslem Neighbourhood Forum

23rd October 2019 5.15pm Chair Richard Wood

In Attendance

12 Attendees: Members present thanked RW and Synectics for the venue use and cakes, again.

Approval of Minutes

The previous meeting minutes had been circulated, agreed and put on the web site.

Issues from the minutes


Update from Joanne (SOT Council) on the consultation and key dates of the forum designation.


RW had received one response asking why some of the street consultation notices were on show outside the map area. Answer: this had been requested from a local Councillor.


From the consultation Joanne (SOT City Council) would be submitting a report and recommendation to her Director (Phil Cresswell) for Council sign off.


Four statutory organisations had responded to the consultation. Highways England noted the proximity of the A500 to our area. Historic England explained where heritage information on the area could be found. The Coal Authority requested that the viability of the land should be considered as a possible risk due previous mining. Noted that the Strategic Flood Risk Response was available from the City Council.


Noted that Cllr Pervez covering the Moorcroft ward maybe considering making a comment.


A final designation from the City Council regarding the consultation would be made by the 4th December 2019 which would meet the thirteen weeks timeline.

Neighbourhood Plan


Concern was expressed that any comments on planning issues from the Forum would have no legal right before December 4th. Joanne explained that individuals could still make comments or request information.


Joanne reminded the meeting that the Joint Local Plan was sill in preparation and was open to comments until December 2020.  After which it would be submitted to the secretary of state.


Members present were concerned that important topics could be missed before the plan was accepted. Joanne offered to attend or support future meetings and ensure the relevant information was available.


Agreed that several pertinent topics would be discussed at future meetings. The following were considered useful: Heritage Landscape, Business, Culture, Learning, Environment, Greenspace, Footpaths and Housing. David to provide further possibilities.


Noted that we need to discuss these issues with local people. This may be achieved with drop in sessions and/or use of local social media.


Minor Initial funding had been utilised further funding approaches to be made after agreeing designations.


Next Meeting. To be arranged.