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Neighbourhood Forum Meeting Minutes - 02/05/2018


Neighbourhood Forum – Combined Burslem Park and Burslem Town forum meeting


5.15pm – 7.30pm

Synectics Solutions offices on Hamil Road


  • Richard Wood (Chair)
  • Amanda Bromley
  • Bob
  • Daniel Shaw
  • David Williams
  • Jason Hill
  • Joan Walley
  • Julian Read
  • Mike Watson
  • Neil Dawson (Secretary)
  • Ron Flint
  • Sandra Barnsley (Treasurer)

Introduction and welcome by Richard Wood

Consideration of the boundaries for Burslem Park and Burslem Town areas – Rich

  • no further comments since last meeting
  • Actions following agreement:
  • RW to liaise with Julian re drawing up the maps in collaboration with the council.
  • RW agreed to consult with Middleport to ensure their plan areas was available via this website and to confirm that the area boundaries were aligned

Consideration of our Constitution – Rich

Updated since last meeting, mostly by Neil

Any updates by Jason to check


  • Election of forum chair, secretary and treasurer for both Town and Park 
    • The Chair. It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson to chair all meetings or a designated deputy in his/her absence. And to ensure that meetings are held in accordance with the provisions of the Forum constitution.
    • The Treasurer. It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to ensure that the finance provisions of the constitution (see clause 9 below) are carried out.
    • The Secretary. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to keep a register of members, ensure that minutes are taken of all Management Committee, Special General and Annual General meetings and that the minutes are accessible to all members via the Forum’s website.

Update on next steps

  • Writing to planing and policy at SOT council, requesting the designation of neighbourhood areas under section 61

Community Involvement


  • S106 revenue maintained for Burslem
  • Housing Development in the Mothertown